The apple doesn't fall far from the crab apple tree

Sally's influence lingers in me to this very day. My husband recently discovered that first-hand. After he noticed I was a bit grouchy, he made the mistake of telling me...

"Stop being a crab!"
My reply? "Stop being an idiot. The two are related you know."

Mom the part-time nutritionist

Mom: "Are you hungry? There is pork in the fridge."
Vegetarian Daughter: "Mom I still don't eat meat".
Mom: "So it is in fridge just eat it."


"Men...they are all idiots. It just how much are you going to put up with is the question." - Sally's advice to her 2 daughters

The Sex Talk

Mom: "Hey Kris, are you a lesbian?"
Kris: " Uhhhh no."
Mom: "Are you sure?"
Kris: "Yeah."
Mom: " Well you know you and Bridget look like a couple of dikes. Of course you're the lipstick but you look like dikes."
Kris: "OooooKaaayyyy."
Mom: "Well let me know if you change your mind."